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[Research Report] A Study on the Status of Major National Information Centers
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● Research Manager: Kim Sun-joo (Pukyong National University)
● Publisher: Korean Council for University Education
● Year of issue: 2019
● Writing Language: Korean

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
 1. Necessity and purpose of research
 2. Contents and scope of the study
 3. Methods of research

II. Analysis of current status and issues of degree recognition at home and abroad
 1. Current status of overseas degree recognition in Korea
 2. Trends in recognition of overseas degrees in Europe

III. Analysis of National Information Centers in Major European Countries
 1. Norway
 2. Canada
 3. Italy
 4. Netherlands

IV. Status and Analysis of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Qualification Convention
 1. Norway
 2. Canada
 3. Italy
 4. Netherlands

V. Conclusions and suggestions
 1. Characteristics of Norwegian, Canadian, Italian, and Dutch degree recognition systems
 2. Implications and policy suggestions
[Research Report] Investigation of overseas cases of qualification recognition due to the increase in non-face-to-face curriculum and exploration of domestic application measures
[Magazine] Korea Academic Recognition Center contributes to enhancing the universality of higher education degrees and qualifications and laying the foundation for recognition