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[Research Report] A Study on the Development of Internationalization in Higher Education
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● Research Manager: Lee Ki-jung (Hanyang University)
● Publisher: Korean Council for University Education
● Year of issue: 2022
● Writing Language: Korean

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
1. Necessity and purpose of research
2. Contents of the study
3. Research methods

II. Importance and status of attracting foreign students
1. Importance of attracting foreign students
2. Current status and prospects of foreign students

III. Internationalization Policy Analysis of Domestic and Foreign Higher Education
1. An Analysis of Domestic Higher Education Internationalization Policy
2. Internationalization Policy Analysis of Foreign Higher Education
3. Comparison and analysis by country
4. SWOT analysis of foreign students' policy environment

IV. Measures to attract and utilize foreign talent
1. Foreign talent
2. Policy projects to attract international students
3. Future-oriented ways to attract and utilize foreign students
4. Establishing an administrative and financial basis for internationalization of higher education (proposal)

V. Support plan for joint operation of curriculum with foreign universities
1. Types of cross-border higher education
2. Policies related to overseas expansion of domestic universities
3. Current status of domestic universities' joint operation of curriculum with foreign universities
4. Measures to promote joint operation of curriculum with overseas universities

VI. Measures to strengthen internationalization of junior colleges
1. Strategies to attract international students from junior colleges
2. Improvement and permission of policies related to internationalization of junior colleges
3. Measures for overseas expansion of junior colleges through international development cooperation

VII. Measures to Strengthen Internationalization of Local Universities
1. Types and methods of investigation
2. Results and analysis

Ⅷ. Conclusions and suggestions
1. Case Study of Leading Countries in Internationalization
2. Attracting foreign talent
3. Joint operation of curriculum with foreign universities
4. Internationalization of junior colleges and local universities
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