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[Issue Paper] Current Status and Implications of Micro-Credentials
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● Research Manager: Professor Ko Ji-wan (Sungkyunkwan University)
● Publisher: Korea University Education Council
● Year of issue: 2022
● Writing Language: Korean

Table of Contents
I. Introduction

II. Concepts and Types of Micro-Qualifications
 1. Background of the emergence of micro qualifications
 2. Concept of micro qualification
 3. Current status and type of micro-credentials

III. Domestic and foreign cases of micro qualification
 1. Case of micro-credentials operation of domestic universities
 2. A case of micro-credentials operation at New York State University (SUNY) in the United States
  2.1 Background of the introduction of micro qualifications at New York State University (SUNY) in the United States
  2.2 Types of Micro Qualifications at New York State University
  2.3 New York State University's micro-qualification operation in practice
  2.4 Implications for Micro Qualification Operation at New York State University

IV. Implications for the Use of Higher Education Micro-Qualifications
 1. Basic direction for micro qualification operation
 2. Implications for Korean Universities
  2.1 Development and operation of systems appropriate to university characteristics and capacity
  2.2 Changes in curriculum management and evaluation methods

V. Suggestions
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[Research Report] A Study on the Development of Internationalization in Higher Education