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[Issue Paper] Digital Qualification and Recognition: Current Status and Implications
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● Research Manager: Professor Kim Sun-joo (Pukyong National University)
● Publisher: Korean Council for University Education
● Year of issue: 2022
● Writing Language: Korean

Table of Contents
I. Prologue

II. Concepts and Necessities of Digital Credentials
 1. Concept of digital credentials (book)
 2. Necessity of digital certificate

III. Understanding data for digital credentials
 1. Concept of data maturity
  A. Data Maturity Level 1: Images from documents
  B. Data Maturity Level 2: Structured Data
  C. Data Maturity Level 3: Structured, standards-compliant data
  D. Data Maturity Level 4: Comparable Data
2. Terminology and standardization of data

IV. Examples of digital certificates
1. Blockchain-based case
2. Overseas case of digital certificate (certification) development
 A. Digital-based solutions
 B. EMREX and New Europass in Europe

V. Implications
[Issue Paper] Current Status and Implications of Micro-Credentials