About us

Who we are

Korea Academic Recognition Information Center (KARIC) is a National Information Centre (NIC), officially designated by the Korean Ministry of Education.

With the increase in student mobility and related demand for recognition of qualifications, an international convention on recognition of qualifications was negotiated. Korea ratified Regional Convention on the Recognition of Studied, Diplomas and Degrees in Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific in 1989 and the Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education in 2017.

In April 2019, the Korean government designated the KARIC as the National Information Centre (NIC) in Korea to implement the convention. KARIC provides information on Korean higher education to enhance recognition of qualifications globally.

What we do

  • Provide information on recognition of qualifications
  • Build a global network for recognition of qualifications
  • Conduct research on recognition of qualifications